Some Good Restaurants for Japanese Dishes in Tokyo

Some Good Restaurants for Japanese Dishes in TokyoTalking about japan, it will never be complete when you do not try its Japanese dishes. Although many Japanese restaurants can be found in most of the countries, it will be different when you can enjoy the traditional Japanese dishes in its origin. Actually, it is not difficult things to find the great restaurants in Japan selling and serving those delicious Japanese restaurants. Even, you do not need to come to the luxurious Japanese restaurants to get the best taste of dishes and menus. There are many restaurants and food stalls to visit in Japan serving great foods. In this case, Tokyo becomes the capital city of Japan so most people will come to this place whenever they visit the country. As a capital city, there are many good places, including for enjoying the Japanese foods.

Fishes are one of the favorite menus in Japan and Japanese love to eat fishes. There are large seas and this country is between seas, so it is normal to find many menus with fishes. In this case, first recommendation of restaurant is also about fish. It is Kaykaya by the Sea. As its name, it is very clear that this restaurant provides Japanese traditional menus with fishes. When you are coming to this judi bola restaurant, you will find a painting of fish on its wall. About its location, it is not too far from the transportation access. It is only about 10 minutes walking from Shibuya station, so it is not too far. About its place, it has a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It really shows the atmosphere of traditional restaurant of Japanese. Of course, when it is about fish, raw sashimi is one of the best menus. You can find best of sashimi in this restaurant. Then, the other famous menu is maguro no kama. The name may sound interesting, but its translation may be less attractive for appetite since it is translated into tuna jaw. Although its name may not be nice, but its menu is totally great in taste. The tuna is flavored with rich ingredients and they are deeply absorbed, so its taste is great. Surely, it is interesting to bring family and friends to this traditional restaurant.

For they who love delicious noodles of Japanese or ramen, they can come to Tsuta. This place may be the best place to enjoy ramen in around Tokyo. As for information, this restaurant is the first one in Japan to accept Michelin stars for ramen as its dishes. Of course, this is a great point to see and this will be a guarantee that there are only best menus of ramen to find in this place. Shoyu soba ramen becomes one of the favorite menus cooked by the one and only chef with the great skills that make this restaurant gets the Michelin stars.

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Good Places of Japanese Dishes in Tokyo

 Good Places of Japanese Dishes in TokyoPeople will agree that Japan is great country. This country has great values of cultures and traditions. In other aspect, this is also leading country in inventions and technologies. There are also great natural resources and natural spots to enjoy. These combinations make this country totally awesome and many people want to come to this place. In this case, of course coming to Japan will never be nice and complete if you skip its favorite Japanese menus. It is always interesting to enjoy Japanese dishes. Although people can easily find Japanese restaurant in their own country, but it will be different experience to enjoy Japanese foods in Japan. In this case, Tokyo may be one of the best place to find great restaurant serving Japanese menus. Tokyo becomes the capital of this country, so it is normal to find the restaurants representing the culinary of Japan.

First recommendation of restaurant is Maisen. This is located not far from Harajuku, as one of the great spots to find attractive fashion mode that can only be found in Japan. While enjoying those girls with Harajuku style, then you can also visit Maisen. This agen sbobet restaurant is nice place to find some interesting and delicious menus of Japanese foods. In this restaurant, its tonkatsu sauce becomes the main point that make all menus served in this restaurant is tasty. The sauce is made with special and secret ingredients. The other good point is that the restaurant still has reasonable and affordable price for their menus. Then, for traditional-look restaurant, there is Sometaro. This restaurant is in the bamboo house as the characteristics of Japanese architecture. This restaurant serves okonomiyaki. This menu is like the pancake, but it is Japanese pancake. Guests of this restaurant will sit down on tatami mat flooring, so it really offers traditional values of Japan. It will be totally awesome.

Then, the other reference of restaurant is Aoya. Aoya also provides great and warm vibes of restaurant. This comfortable spots may not look luxurious since it is more about Japanese decoration with its wooden walls. There is also dim lantern that will really make people feel like having dishes in traditional restaurant of Japanese. About the menus, this place is great spot for lunch, but it is also fine to come to this place in the afternoon. This place is perfect to enjoy some vegetable menus as the signature of Kyoto. Then, there are green teas and other sweet menus for the customers. Its vibe and its menus will make people so comfortable to stay a bit longer after they finish their dishes.

Hidden Restaurant in Japan
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Hidden Restaurant in Japan

There are many great countries to visit. In this case, Japan is one of them. This country has attracted many people since there are many great things to see in this country. This place has become so famous for its arts as seen in manga and anime that always shows the great stories and some cultural values of Japanese. Then, their work ethic and efforts also make people stunned, since Japanese can work really hard while they are still keep holding the tradition. Talking about the tradition, this country combines modernity with its cultural heritages, so there are still many interesting heritages to see, and people still keep those values in their daily life. In some spots, people can see towns with high quality of technology, but there are also areas where people can see and feel like living in the old era of Japan. Its natural spots are also great. Mount Fuji and other tourism spots are great to visit. Of course, visiting Japan will never be complete without taking going to enjoy the traditional and favorite foods of Japanese. In this case, there can many Japanese restaurants in many countries, but it is always interesting to taste them in its origin.

Talking about Japanese restaurant, there are many restaurants to find a lot of Japanese foods. There are also some food stalls selling those foods. Of course, Tokyo, as the important city of this country, provides many great restaurants with various menus. However, it will not be so interesting to eat in the midst of town. Some people may want to experience different taste of Japanese foods while enjoying its natural views and cultural heritages. There are some options and Komorebi is the right choice for that. This restaurant is not located in the town, but it is located in the hidden spots in the mountain of Saga. Komorebi itself means light shined through the leaves of trees. This name describes its location that still covered by the clear nature of Japan and it is built with the traditional architecture of Japanese building.

In this case, this restaurant will be the best place to enjoy foods with ingredients of soba noodles and buckwheat. Most of the menus found in this restaurant are made with buckwheat. The buckwheat are found in dishes of main course, desserts, and even the drinks. In this case, visitors can choose main course meals and a la carte meals. There are also various rooms and types of tables to choose, whether it is low or high table. The good thing is that the buckwheat is grown by the owner of this restaurant, so they are organic and even visitors can buy the sprout of buckwheat if they want to plant and grow them.