Best Japanese Restaurants with Traditional Dishes in Jakarta Indonesia

Best Japanese Restaurants with Traditional Dishes in Jakarta IndonesiaIndonesia is one country that has a big cultural impact from many countries in southeast region of Asia. As the result, there are so many different dishes that you can find in Indonesia, especially Jakarta as the capital city of this country. If you are in love with the Japanese food and dishes, there are some nice restaurants that you can find in Jakarta that will give you the best traditional Japanese dishes that you will never want to miss. Here are those restaurants.

The first one is Kaihomaru that is located in Melawai. This restaurant is the best restaurant where you can taste the amazing Japanese traditional dishes. That is because the owner of this restaurant is a Japanese and the cook also comes from Japan. As an addition, the overall theme of the restaurant is made to be as comfy as possible such as many restaurants in Japan. That might also be one reason why there are a lot of Japanese people who come to eat in this place, because of the taste and the atmosphere on the restaurant.

The second one is Akane Crowne Plaza that is located in Gatot Subroto. This Japanese poker online restaurant is located on one of the busiest places in Jakarta. Because of that reason, people need to have a nice place to eat their favorite traditional Japanese dish and this restaurant is the best place to go. The main concept of this restaurant has been made to fit the lifestyle of the people in Jakarta, but the taste of the dish is not something like that. The taste of the traditional Japanese dish that you can find on this restaurant is so authentic. As an addition to that, the price for the dishes on the menu is relatively affordable, especially if you pick the family pack.


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