Best Traditional Japanese Dish from Japanese Restaurant

Best Traditional Japanese Dish from Japanese RestaurantThere are not many people who have knowledge about what they have to eat at a Japanese restaurant but a sushi. That is because that is the only thing that many people realized from a Japanese dish. In fact, there are not many people who have knowledge that sushi is one of the most traditional Japanese dish, but it is a well-known Japanese dish nowadays. If you are in a Japanese restaurant and you want to try something new, there are some other Japanese traditional dishes that might attract your attention.

The first one is soba and udon. These are the traditional noodle of Japan, but it is not like ramen. Ramen is the modern version of these noodles. These noodles are made with perfect ingredients so that you can be sure that the noodle itself is the main point of these Japanese traditional dishes. The soba is the simple one with the nice, tasty and delicious broth only. On the other hand, the udon can be simply described as the innovation of soba, which is added some other toppings that will raise your appetite. You should get it sometimes.

The next one is kiseki. This one can be the real Japanese traditional dish, the agen bola concept and the idea. Kiseki can be simply described as the ultimate dining of the old Japan in the modern time. The main concept is offering the light snacks as the complementary of the tea-drinking ceremony on the old days in Japan. However, as the time goes, the snacks that are offered changed into some various meals, but with the similar portion such as the one that you can get from the tea-drinking tradition of Japan. However, this kind of meal is not something quite common so that if you get the chance, you will need to order this traditional Japanese dish.

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