Good Places of Japanese Dishes in Tokyo

 Good Places of Japanese Dishes in TokyoPeople will agree that Japan is great country. This country has great values of cultures and traditions. In other aspect, this is also leading country in inventions and technologies. There are also great natural resources and natural spots to enjoy. These combinations make this country totally awesome and many people want to come to this place. In this case, of course coming to Japan will never be nice and complete if you skip its favorite Japanese menus. It is always interesting to enjoy Japanese dishes. Although people can easily find Japanese restaurant in their own country, but it will be different experience to enjoy Japanese foods in Japan. In this case, Tokyo may be one of the best place to find great restaurant serving Japanese menus. Tokyo becomes the capital of this country, so it is normal to find the restaurants representing the culinary of Japan.

First recommendation of restaurant is Maisen. This is located not far from Harajuku, as one of the great spots to find attractive fashion mode that can only be found in Japan. While enjoying those girls with Harajuku style, then you can also visit Maisen. This agen sbobet restaurant is nice place to find some interesting and delicious menus of Japanese foods. In this restaurant, its tonkatsu sauce becomes the main point that make all menus served in this restaurant is tasty. The sauce is made with special and secret ingredients. The other good point is that the restaurant still has reasonable and affordable price for their menus. Then, for traditional-look restaurant, there is Sometaro. This restaurant is in the bamboo house as the characteristics of Japanese architecture. This restaurant serves okonomiyaki. This menu is like the pancake, but it is Japanese pancake. Guests of this restaurant will sit down on tatami mat flooring, so it really offers traditional values of Japan. It will be totally awesome.

Then, the other reference of restaurant is Aoya. Aoya also provides great and warm vibes of restaurant. This comfortable spots may not look luxurious since it is more about Japanese decoration with its wooden walls. There is also dim lantern that will really make people feel like having dishes in traditional restaurant of Japanese. About the menus, this place is great spot for lunch, but it is also fine to come to this place in the afternoon. This place is perfect to enjoy some vegetable menus as the signature of Kyoto. Then, there are green teas and other sweet menus for the customers. Its vibe and its menus will make people so comfortable to stay a bit longer after they finish their dishes.

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