Hidden Restaurant in Japan

There are many great countries to visit. In this case, Japan is one of them. This country has attracted many people since there are many great things to see in this country. This place has become so famous for its arts as seen in manga and anime that always shows the great stories and some cultural values of Japanese. Then, their work ethic and efforts also make people stunned, since Japanese can work really hard while they are still keep holding the tradition. Talking about the tradition, this country combines modernity with its cultural heritages, so there are still many interesting heritages to see, and people still keep those values in their daily life. In some spots, people can see towns with high quality of technology, but there are also areas where people can see and feel like living in the old era of Japan. Its natural spots are also great. Mount Fuji and other tourism spots are great to visit. Of course, visiting Japan will never be complete without taking going to enjoy the traditional and favorite foods of Japanese. In this case, there can many Japanese restaurants in many countries, but it is always interesting to taste them in its origin.

Talking about Japanese restaurant, there are many restaurants to find a lot of Japanese foods. There are also some food stalls selling those foods. Of course, Tokyo, as the important city of this country, provides many great restaurants with various menus. However, it will not be so interesting to eat in the midst of town. Some people may want to experience different taste of Japanese foods while enjoying its natural views and cultural heritages. There are some options and Komorebi is the right choice for that. This restaurant is not located in the town, but it is located in the hidden spots in the mountain of Saga. Komorebi itself means light shined through the leaves of trees. This name describes its location that still covered by the clear nature of Japan and it is built with the traditional architecture of Japanese building.

In this case, this restaurant will be the best place to enjoy foods with ingredients of soba noodles and buckwheat. Most of the menus found in this restaurant are made with buckwheat. The buckwheat are found in dishes of main course, desserts, and even the drinks. In this case, visitors can choose main course meals and a la carte meals. There are also various rooms and types of tables to choose, whether it is low or high table. The good thing is that the buckwheat is grown by the owner of this restaurant, so they are organic and even visitors can buy the sprout of buckwheat if they want to plant and grow them.

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